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23/2/ · Your Stop Loss limit for a buy trade should be the day’s low, and vice versa for a sell transaction. At least two times the Stop Loss amount should be used as the Take Profit level. The Best Forex Strategies for Consistent Profits Moving average crossover. Moving average (MA) is a simple and straightforward technical analysis tool that is used in EMA Crossover How To Achieve Consistent Profits In Forex. There are three critical components to achieve consistent profits in forex. First, you need the absolute best forex strategy. Second, you 3/3/ · Forex provides opportunities for experienced traders to produce consistent profit but there is a substantial risk of loss. To beginners starting in a demo account or real trading, 3/8/ · That’s what many forex traders think. That view is actually not wrong, but it should only be carried out by experienced traders. Because consistent profits can only be obtained by ... read more

By combining good analysis with successful execution, the success rate can significantly improve and, like many skills and abilities, a mixture of hard work and talent contributes to good profitable trading. Risk management, referred to as your capital management, is one of the most important aspects of the forex market which ensuring constant profitability.

Risk management principles protect the trader from big risky losses by restricting to a specified percentage of their total capital account size the amount they may lose every day. Study the risk-management system to learn how to adjust the lot size of your positions for each trade to effectively address the same risk level for each trade you participate in, regardless of the range from your SL Stop-Loss.

So if you want to find your way and make a consistent profit on the forex trading, you have to forget your all fantasies and learn to focus on learning the forex trading strategy at a time. Whether your performance is producing income depends not only on your monthly return as well as on your money. The positive thing is: even a small funded account can be expanded rapidly to start producing a profit if you are consistently profitable.

With a smaller account, it takes only some time. You will need many years under the belt to truly call yourself a professional Forex trader and have successfully navigated to all Forex market conditions. This company offers a variety of plans, tiered pricing options, and trials that fit every trading style and budget.

The back-tested trading strategy is key to success for high-frequency trading or algorithm trading. This platform helps risk management by offering a complete entry and exit signals framework. Often the traders take years and years to understand how to build trading scripts, and in this hassle, they lose a stack of money.

Actually, it takes time to find a strategy that works consistently. However, Zen Trading helps investors use professionally developed strategies for successful trading. Xen trading uses quantitative algorithms for making strategies. Zen Trading manages all your trading work; you can tailor it to the timeframe and trading assets. ForexVPS provides servers, particularly for trading.

Since this Virtual Private Server VPS does not come with downtime, it is great for expert advisors of different platforms MT4 or MT5. For efficient working, you need to keep EA on all the time. If the internet connection goes off or you encounter any error in the internet connection, the chances of losing money and opportunity rise.

You can access various data centers across the world through a Remote Desktop, but for this, you need an internet connection. This powerful server can help you in multiple ways as it offers extreme Intel chips to chomp complex trading algorithms, and via its Up to GB of RAM, it can handle anything.

In addition, it is a powerful x64 platform! The most well-known MT4 is available through PC, Web, and Mobile versions. Over trading assets, such as Commodities, currencies, foreign, and Indices, can be accessed through this platform. IRESS is also included as it is its inbuilt platform that allows traders to trade in the counties that includes the United States, The United Kingdom, Australia, China, and Singapore.

MetaTrader 4 allows traders to analyze financial markets, trade Forex, and build Expert Advisors. The three key features of this software include Trading Signals, Market, and Mobile Trading. Traders with different skill levels can easily access the platform as it is a blend of an automated trading system, algorithmic trading, advanced technical analysis, and mobile trading.

MetaTrader 4 Signals and Markets includes additional trading services. You can easily purchase Technical indicators and Expert Advisors. If you are interested in trying out algorithmic trading, Thinkorsim is a great option for you as it helps you choose between dozens or even hundreds of intimidators.

Interactive Brokers and TD Ameritrade have won a strong reputation for in-house trading features. This platform works under TD Ameritrade, which is a parent company. For currency pairs, Thinkorswim stands among the top brokers. If you are keen on trading stocks, options, futures, and Forex, you can easily keep all your trades under one concise account. Thinkorswim is an automated and customized trading platform that has received a lot of appreciating reviews from the trading market.

Note: Whether you focus on commodities or Forex, Thinkorswim is not a suitable software for the beginning. MetaTrader 4 is great in the implementation of automated trading in the forex market as it literally supports trading indicators and thousands of trading robots. MetaQuotes is a parent company as it is a pioneer in developing the charting platform and forex trading.

Other software, both MT4, and MT5, focus more on futures markets and securities. These are available through tons of online forex brokers; still, FOREX. com stands at the top. Swissquote is an exceptional and innovative platform that can amazingly multiply your trading potential.

This intuitive software is a multi-asset platform for every trader. Pepperstone 5. Plus 6. Exness 8. Go Markets 9. com Oanda 2. com 4. TD Ameritrade 5. ATC Brokers 6. Nadex 7. com 8. ACY 9. NinjaTrader Best CFD Trading Strategies What is CFD Trading? Top CFD Forex Brokers. What is Bitcoin? Bitcoin Trading Bitcoin Trading Tips and Strategies Bitcoin Mining Bitcoin Forex Brokers Quotes from Bitcoin Believers Bitcoin Halving Bitcoin Brokers Best Bitcoin Trading Apps Bitcoin Trading Bots Cloud Mining.

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How to Invest Money How to Invest in ETFs How to Invest in Index Funds How to start Forex Trading How to Pick Shares How to Report a Forex Broker How to be Consistent in Forex. Traders can earn a decent pay-out at times depending on several factors such as their trading strategy, market conditions, and the drivers that influence prices in the forex market.

However, traders who want to have a career in forex trading and become professional traders must ensure that they have a consistent profit forex strategy. This may seem like an impossible task, especially when considering that the market conditions are never the same.

The odds may seem astronomical, but there are a few ways in which traders can achieve their long-term forex trading goals. An important first step is to set proper risk-reward ratios and to have realistic profit targets. Money management aside, traders also need to ensure that they use leverage correctly and that they do not risk more of their capital than they can afford to lose.

It is also important to keep a trading journal to allow traders to track their performance, repeat their successes and avoid making the same mistakes. Finally, it requires regular, in-depth research, technical analysis, and fundamental analysis by using the latest indicators and latest economic information, allowing traders to direct their trading decisions better. Traders must also remember that not all complex trading systems are always the most profitable, many proven profitable trading strategies are straightforward, with a smaller learning curve than a more complex system.

The best forex traders know that one of the most important things to do to trade and earn consistent profits is to be prepared by planning on how to enter a position in the market. Without a trading strategy, traders will be gambling blindly in the direction that the market may take. In addition, by trading without a plan, the chance of long-term success is slim. When traders use a trading strategy, they have a clear idea of the direction in which the market may be heading, how?

By conducting either technical analysis to identify certain movements or trends, fundamental analysis on news that may send the market in one direction, or a combination of both.

Trading strategies do not guarantee accuracy in predicting the direction of the market, but they provide traders with a high probability where directional bias may be heading. There are many different types of trading strategies, but all can be divided between these distinctive categories:. Scalping is a short-term and fast-paced trading style that happens when traders open and close their positions in a matter of seconds or minutes, depending on the specific scalping trading strategy that the trader uses.

Scalpers try to take advantage of short-term movements in the price of currency pairs, especially when there are breakouts. When the price breaks a crucial technical level, there is a cluster of stop-loss and pending orders that causes the market to accelerate in the direction of the breakout. Scalping is an active trading style and scalpers often open many trades every day that they actively manage.

While scalping is a form of day trading, day trading is a type of trading strategy on its own with many other strategies that form part of it. Day trading refers to the opening and closing of positions within the same trading day.

Day traders will consider trading opportunities early in the morning, or during the day, and they will subsequently close all open positions before the trading day concludes. Day trading is a simple, profitable forex trading strategy and it still offers traders a variety of different viable options. Day trading is believed to be the most accurate forex strategy among others, but it requires a great amount of discipline, patience, and skill for traders to master. Swing trading is a trading style used over longer terms and it involves keeping positions open for several days and even weeks.

Swing traders only use back-tested forex strategies, and they aim to take advantage of swings that may occur in the markets, especially strong moves in long-term charts.

This entails using a wider stop-loss order that will accommodate market volatility, leading to returns that can be measured in hundreds of points, or pips. Swing trading is a simple profitable forex trading strategy that can be applied across a range of financial instruments if traders ensure that they have the necessary risk management protocols in place to protect them from sudden movements and the inherent volatile environment.

Position trading is the most long-term trading style where traders keep their positions open for months and even years. Position trading may seem more like investing, but it is considered a trading style on its own. Position traders can either open long or short positions, use stop-loss and take-profit orders, and use several other indicators while they hold their positions. Position trading is heavily influenced by market fundamentals including economic cycles, credit cycles, the balance of payments, interest rate differentials, and several others.

Trend following trading strategies create trading opportunities in the typical mid-term direction of a financial market. The idea behind these strategies is that the market will continue in a specific direction for a certain amount of time. These strategies involve opening positions at the start of the trend and closing them once the trend has reached a peak before it goes in the opposite direction. Range trading strategies work to extract profits from the financial markets when it is either in a lull or it is moving without bias in a certain direction.

When this occurs, the financial instrument will oscillate between higher and lower barriers, allowing the trader to catch either the top or the bottom of a move. Before exploring the best forex strategies for consistent profits traders must consider these tips to ensure that they trade consistently and profitably:. Moving average MA is a simple and straightforward technical analysis tool that is used in profitable moving average forex strategies, smoothing out the price data by developing a constantly updated average price.

This average can be viewed across different timeframes and this trading strategy has become very popular among a wide range of forex traders. Some of the typical reasons that traders create moving averages are to identify any trend directions and to determine the levels for support as well as resistance. One of the main moving average trading strategies involves price crossovers.

This occurs if the price rises either above or below the moving average, indicating a potential change in the trend. Another trading technique that traders can use is to use two moving averages instead of just one, a longer and a shorter average.

Once the short-term moving average crosses the long-term moving average, traders will receive a buy signal, indicating a rising trend. For a very easy and profitable trading strategy, MT4 offers traders a range of technical indicators that can be used to develop, test, and back-test this type of strategy against historical data. EMA, or Exponential Moving Average is one of the best technical indicators that traders can use in forex trading.

This technical indicator works to provide traders with a directional bias on any chart type, despite the time frame, at just one glance.

These EMA crossover strategies make use of two different EMAs that have differing values, lower and higher, and they subsequently take a position in the market according to the direction of the crossing. Traders are urged to enter a sell trade if the lower EMA value crosses the higher value from the top to the bottom, indicating a downward trend. When the lower value EMA crosses the higher value from the bottom, it indicates an upward trend.

The Gann Trend Following Strategy can require that traders download a specific indicator for their trading platform. It is especially useful in MetaTrader 4 as traders have a variety of Gann-related indicators that they can use for free.

This is one of the most popular range trading strategies that work to try and identify where the market is likely to turn. The logic surrounds the theory that the market will become bearish at a resistance level and bullish at a support level. This means that traders need to enter a sell trade at the resistance level and a buy trade at the support level. This trading strategy is compatible with a variety of tools that help traders establish support and resistance levels including Bollinger Bands, Pivot Points, Fibonacci Ratios, and several others.

This strategy employs an element of the Japanese Candlesticks to predict any future price movement in the financial market. The logic surrounds the fact that the Pinbar indicates that the market will change direction, like an arrow that is created by the behaviours of market participants.

This trading strategy is often used in combination with several others including Support and Resistance, ensuring that there is a higher probability of success when using this strategy. The Bollinger Bands are a powerful and popular technical analysis indicator that has been in use for decades.

The Bollinger Bands create a channel around market movements on a price chart. If the price touches the lower boundary, the lower band will likely act as a support level and lead to a reversal. This is also based on the technical analysis indicator and the strategy is designed to help traders locate the start of a new trend before it begins. Before the strand can begin, the Bollinger Bands go into a squeeze and a break in any direction can indicate the possible start of a trend.

This is a certain type of forex trading involving traders trying to profit from interest rate differentials between countries. Traders use this strategy to buy and hold currencies overnight, allowing traders to be paid the interbank interest rate. Traders who use this strategy borrows from a lower interest rate currency to fund their purchase of a currency that has a higher interest rate, allowing the trader to profit from the difference between the rates.

The secret behind every successful forex trader is their trading strategy. There is a multitude of trading strategies. But the winning strategy is the one that makes profits consistently most of the time it is applied Best Forex Strategy for Consistent Profits.

A trader first looks for the best forex trading strategy that suits their trading personality. Once they find the strategy they repeatedly test until they are satisfied, the results will be consistent and reliable. The trading strategy should be consistent in making winning trades and reliable to perform in various market conditions. The trading strategy as a whole is a combination of technical tools and indicators with effective money management.

The core of the technical strategy is the indicator. We will discuss different technical trading strategies that are considered reliable and are followed by most traders. These strategies work in almost every market condition and provide the trader with great flexibility. Most successful traders accept that there is no single trading strategy that can make profits every time they trade.

But they accept and understand that a reasonable win rate is enough to make good profits in the forex market. Successful traders have an additional element to a trading strategy than others. It is the top-down approach. Traders look at a big picture or a more significant trend first. In terms of technical analysis, this top down approach refers to the higher time frames. Success full traders analyze the higher time frame charts first.

Once they identify a trend in the higher time frame charts, then they prepare their mindset to trade in that direction. Suppose a trader identifies the trend direction as bullish in the higher time frame. In that case, they will place BUY trades only and stay in that direction until the end of that trend. However, to find the best entry point and exit point accurately, they will use the shorter time frame chart.

The trade will be placed in the shorter time frame charts in the direction of the trend identified in the higher time frame charts. The entry and exit using the smaller time frame charts enable the trader to find precise entries and exits within the bigger time frame direction. Successful traders never place a trade counter to the identified trade, no matter how good the counter trader opportunity.

The trader trades a higher timeframe chart and will benefit from the bigger trend moves. However, the signals are from a smaller timeframe with much tighter stop losses.

The following trading strategies can be traded with a top-down approach. The following strategies are already widely accepted and followed by traders as successful trading strategies. The results of these strategies can be enhanced further using the top-down approach. Support and Resistance. The EMA cross is a very easy and profitable trading strategy mt4.

Most traders use Moving averages because of their simplicity and accuracy. The EMA — Exponential Moving Average responds more quickly and reduces the lag associated with moving averages. The EMA gives more weight to the latest price movements and is considered a reliable indicator. A standard moving average crossover strategy uses two moving averages, a fast-moving average, and a slow-moving average. Suppose the fast moving average crosses over the slow moving average to the upside.

In that case, it indicates an uptrend, and if the crossover is towards downwards, we anticipate a downtrend. The above Daily EURUSD chart is from The EMA Blue line crosses the 50 EMA Redline upwards on The trader once identifies the EMA Bullish crossover, then decides to place only BUY trades to enter the trend and continue to stay in this direction. The trader now looks for a more precise entry using the lower time frame chart.

With entries only in the Bullish direction and ignores any trades to the downside, In other words, the trader from now onwards will place all BUY signals in a lower time frame charts and ignores all SELL signals.

The above chart shows an H1 chart of EURUSD from 12th May to 17 July , a part of the EURUSD D1 chart. Placing only the BUY trades will help the trader to make substantial profits.

The above chart shows a EURUSD M30 chart from 12th May to 15th June , a small area of the EURUSD D1 chart. The trader can go as low as the M30 chart to identify precise entry points to follow the more significant trend from the D1 chart. Again the trader ignores all SELL signals and will only consider the BUY signals. It is important to note that many traders use lower timeframe charts as M15, but lower timeframe charts may provide whipsaws.

MACD can be traded in a few different methods. The MACD crossover of the ZERO line, the MACD signal line, and convergence and divergence. No matter the trading method, MACD is considered very reliable by many traders, and MACD forms a part of many automated trading systems.

However, we will use the Top-down approach to identify the entry and exit points to make successful trading using some examples. The above chart is a EURUSD D1 from 04 November to 11th Jan The MACD went above the Zero line, with the signal line also crossing over, signaling a bullish trend and warranting a BUY. The trader would now decide to be bullish and will take any only BUY positions. The above EURUSD H1 chart 8th Dec to 21st Dec shown here is a part of the EURUSD D1 chart.

The trader would ignore all the sell signals of the MACD and will only trade the BUY signals, as the higher timeframe chart shows a BUY trend. It can be easily noticed that the BUY trades would have been very successful for the trader. The BUY opportunity on 11th Dec and 14th Dec would have been profitable, with the signal on 14th Dec proving to be quite a successful one. The above MACD M30 chart is also within the EURUSD D1 range. The chart also shows multiple trading opportunities to the BUY side.

The trader could ignore the SELL signals and only focus on trading the BUY signals and be very profitable. The trades also have a greater risk and reward ratio since they are placed in line with the higher time frame trend direction.

Bollinger Bands is an excellent indicator for trend following. Many trend traders use them to identify the trend direction and the market volatility using the bands. The widening of the bands implies volatility, while the ranging markets are associated with narrower bands.

The outer bands act as support and Resistance and also to identify targets for an exit. The trading results using Bollinger bands can yield higher results if combined with the Top-Down approach. The above EURUSD D1 candlestick mt4 chart shows the prices from 14h June to 7th Jan Both these dates signaled a BUY in a daily chart. The trader can use this signal to place a trade using this same chart.

But the trade can also use a lower timeframe chart to identify specific and best entry points further. The above EURUSD H1 chart displays from 8th July to 31st July , a part of the EURUSD D1 chart. Keeping in mind the BUY signal from the D1 chart, the trader will decide to choose only those BUY signals from the H1 chart while ignoring other signals. Thereby the trader stays within the bigger trend direction while having accurate entry and exit points with lower drawdown.

The above chart also displays multiple trading opportunities with all of the trades resulting in positive outcomes. However, if the trader decides to day trade, the trader can use the above M30 charts to day trade with smaller stop loss and profits. But the directional bias will remain according to the higher timeframe chart.

In this case, the trader decides to place only BUY orders and can day trade successfully. The above M30 EURUSD chart from 21 July to 31 July , the EURUSD D1 chart provides multiple trading opportunities with positive outcomes. Support and Resistance are considered as the primary stepping stone of all technical tools and indicators. The Support and Resistance can be either horizontal lines or an angled line as a trend line and provide vital clues for any technical trader.

Almost every trader uses Support and Resistance and measures nearly any price regarding the nearest Support or Resistance. The proximity of the price near Support or resistance lines invokes trading decisions. There may not be a trader who discusses weak Support, strong Support, weak or strong Resistance in their day to day trading. Traders who already in a trading position refer to the next higher time frame chart to identify the next resistance or support level.

Because Support and Resistance in the higher time frame charts are considered very strong, a breakout or rejection of the support or Resistance in higher timeframe charts would provide higher returns. In the above GBPCHF Daily chart from 14th April to Jan 10th the prices were in range moving between support and Resistance. The 1. Once the trader identifies the support and Resistance in the Daily timeframe.

The trader can use a lower time frame chart to analyse closely and find a best entry point using H1 chart or M30 charts. The above GBPCHF chart H1 chart shows the data from 18th June to 18th July The Support and Resistance from the daily chart are marked as yellow. Its is very clear to see the price action at these levels in the H1 chart where prices respect the daily Support levels and react.

The H1 chart identifies additional Resistance at 1. A trader using the H1 chart can react at the Daily Support levels as these levels are already known. So the trader anticipates the market reaction and confirms the entry positions further by the price action. The above GBPCHF M30 chart from 18th Jun to 18th July , further clarifies the market reaction around the established daily support levels and also adds more clarity to the H1 Resistance.

The trader can further understand the price action and confirm the entry points using the M30 charts.

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29/10/ · 95% Win Rate Forex Strategy for Consistent profits. There are many forex trading strategies that can be used to generate consistent profits. However, it is important to In this book, you'll learn the tools and skills to build a personally aligned trading strategy, along with how to optimize your profitability and scale your growth in a way that allows you to The Best Forex Strategies for Consistent Profits Moving average crossover. Moving average (MA) is a simple and straightforward technical analysis tool that is used in EMA Crossover 23/2/ · Your Stop Loss limit for a buy trade should be the day’s low, and vice versa for a sell transaction. At least two times the Stop Loss amount should be used as the Take Profit level. How To Achieve Consistent Profits In Forex. There are three critical components to achieve consistent profits in forex. First, you need the absolute best forex strategy. Second, you 3/3/ · Forex provides opportunities for experienced traders to produce consistent profit but there is a substantial risk of loss. To beginners starting in a demo account or real trading, ... read more

Forex Brokers Payment Gateways. This is the simple mathematics of forex success. Performance cookies are used to understand and analyze the key performance indexes of the website which helps in delivering a better user experience for the visitors. This strategy employs an element of the Japanese Candlesticks to predict any future price movement in the financial market. Tickmill 7. Avatrade Exness JustMarkets Oanda BDSwiss Hotforex Pepperstone FBS OctaFX GoMarkets Menu. Account Minimum.

Traders with different skill levels can easily access the platform as it is a blend of an automated trading system, algorithmic trading, advanced technical analysis, and mobile trading. If you are keen on trading stocks, options, futures, and Forex, you can easily keep all your trades forex trading consistent profits one concise account. Successful traders have an additional element to a trading strategy than others. Many Gann-related indicators are accessible for free in Metatrader 4. These cookies help provide information on metrics the number of visitors, bounce rate, traffic source, etc, forex trading consistent profits.